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Things to do in Cardiff... A-Z

 A - Aquabus
“Aquabus provides a uniquely identifiable fleet of vessels from luxury vessels to waterbuses with full design, construction and operation management [ ... ]

Things to do in Cardiff

The great Cardiff job search checklist! Consider your online profile first.


Yes you can find jobs on here – there are pages dedicated to specific jobs such as just bar work (https://www.facebook.com/BarJobsCardiff) [ ... ]

Jobs In Cardiff

The great Cardiff job search checklist!

Consider your online profile first.


Yes you can find jobs on here – there are pages dedicated to specific jobs such as just bar work (https://www.facebook.com/BarJobsCardiff) and let’s face it, it’s worth typing what you’re looking for into the search box while you’re on the site anyway.
But more importantly and the reason we’ve included this site, is that a top tip with Facebook when applying for jobs is to make sure your publicly visible profile is suitable for any potential employers who may decide to look you up prior to an interview. It’s fine to hide it all together, or just show what you want to show.


A professional social network which pretty much reads similar to your C.V with the added benefit of a social network geared towards business attached to it. It may be worth considering placing a link to this page in email signatures etc.


Search for jobs.

The standard recruitment agency list.

The trend at the moment tends to be for employers and job seekers to go through agencies of some kind. There are many out there and some are more tailored to specific needs than others.

Monster - http://www.monster.co.uk
Yolk Recruitment - http://www.yolkrecruitment.com
Indeed - http://www.indeed.co.uk
Reed - http://www.reed.co.uk
Cardifjobs - http://www.cardiffjobs.co.uk
Totaljobs - http://www.totaljobs.com
Fish4jobs - http://www.fish4.co.uk
Red Recruitment - http://www.red-recruitment.com
Acorn Recruitment - http://www.acornpeople.com
Randstad - http://www.randstad.co.uk
Office Angels - http://www.office-angels.com


Approach companies directly.

If there is something you particularly want or a company that specifically interests you, then go out and get it!
When approaching a company directly it might well pay to:
Ring in advance and ask if they have any positions going and who you can send your C.V to.
Create a very specific cover letter explaining why you want to work for that particular company and what you have to offer.
Follow up by checking that they have received your C.V as this might prompt someone to actually look at it.


Advertise yourself?

People per Hour

Are you confident enough to offer your services by the hour? Then People per Hour might be right up your street. The site is a job marketplace where users can buy or advertise jobs or services for as little as an hour at a time. There are some available contracts on the site if you’re in the right industry and most jobs tend to be online based.



Approach these with caution:


This was once a very good place to look for jobs but seems to have declined, still some possibilities so worth a look but be very careful to watch out for scams as anyone can post on there. This site is used more in other countries and can be a good source for travellers finding temp work.



Much more popular in America, however there are still job adverts posted on here for local areas around the world. Often seems like a lot seedier than most would be applying for though.
For an idea of what you’ll find, there may well be adverts posted with “Nude housecleaning work”, “webcam work from home” or the “any fit lads want to earn some quick cash”, some stuff your mum might not want to know about or you would have trouble explaining in a future position on your C.V.



For a laugh – check out some mistakes you don’t want to make.